Where teams draw in code

A design canvas that
  • reads code.
  • writes code.
  • pushes code.
  • pulls code.
  • knows code.
  • codes.
Two users collaborate on a design, manipulating code visually in Henosia.
They review their changes visually as well as in code before pushing it to the code repository.
Similarly, code changes happening from elsewhere are also reflected in Henosia.

How it works

Code repository as source of truthCode repository logo
HenosiaHenosia logo
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No exported code. Really? Yes, really!
Henosia is a visual IDE optimized for design. It connects directly to your team's code repository to edit and preview code on a visual canvas.
You can directly manipulate a running preview of your code on the canvas using Henosia’s visual interface to make changes to the code.
Changes can be pushed to services like GitHub, and any changes made in a regular IDE can be pulled directly back into Henosia.

Designing without Henosia


Inspect. Copy. Paste.
An inefficient process.

Traditional design tools rely on inspection and issue tracking to communicate design intent.
This process is manual, error prone, and a source of frustration: AKA the handoff gap.

Two sources of truth.
Every silo’s dream.

Today’s design and code are two versions of the truth separated in silos through our tools.
Teams are left with the task of overcoming those silos created by separate tools and mediums.

Drawings are great.
Shipping is better.

A drawing shows design intent but is limited, and risks getting lost in the translation to code.
The actual user experience that ships is the design that is in the code, not the drawings.

Designing with Henosia

Design & Code

Two ways of designing.
One source of truth.

Henosia edits code while you design, which enables a visual way of creating interfaces, in addition to your IDE.
Like your IDE, it integrates with your code repository, making that your one source of truth.

Merge design and code.
Erase the handoff gap.

The design is in the code. The code is your design. They are one and the same.
Create your product in the final medium, eliminating handoff pains and friction.

The visuals of a canvas.
The dynamics of code.
The best of both worlds.

Experience your product come alive on the canvas as code while you design.
Replace handoff pains with complete creative control over the experience that gets shipped.

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