The Story of Henosia

Once upon a time (2020 to be exact) in the kingdom of Denmark, two co-workers joined forces on developing a new idea:

A design tool that edits code while you design.

The two co-workers Jim and Janne, a developer and designer, worked tirelessly on the tool, and in the fall of 2021 the company Henosia was officially founded. The next leg of the long and exciting journey is getting an MVP into the hands of users.

The Background

Jim and Janne have developed and designed software for 20 years, and have experienced the pains associated with it, such as the handoff gap, the headache of keeping code and design in sync, and the frustration of the design files not containing the actual user experience but only the design intent.

Out of these lived pains came the idea to have design and code live in the same medium, and Henosia was born.

Portrait of Janne
CEO & Co-Founder
Portrait of Jim
CTO & Co-Founder
Henosia is Made in Denmark by experienced Danish professionals.

The Name

The name Henosia stems from the Greek word Henosis which means "oneness", "union" or "unity".

Henosia makes it possible to unite design and code, creating one source of truth. This is also present in the Henosia logo, in which two branches merge into one, cutting off the upper right of the "H" creating the lowercase "h".